Hearken's Engagement Innovation Summit

Hearken's Engagement Innovation Summit


Email kieran.hanrahan@wearehearken.com to get $50 off per ticket on 2 tickets, $60 off per ticket on 3 tickets, or $75 off per ticket on 4 or more tickets.

If you care about journalism’s mission of informing and serving the public, then you care about audience engagement and treating communities we cover as partners rather than consumers. It’s that simple.

At Hearken’s inaugural Engagement Innovation Summit, we will gather people driven by the charge of cultivating community and improving democracy through information sharing.

We’ll bring together engagement pros, senior leaders, students, innovators and entrepreneurs across industries to develop a shared vision for audience engagement and community-building best practices, how to track and measure success and how this work will contribute to your organization’s bottom line ($) and future sustainability.

The price of registration includes food during the event and a happy hour.

Registration capped at 150 participants.

October 23 & 24, Brooklyn, New York at 501 Union.

Please complete one registration per person.

We want to make this event as inclusive and accessible as possible. If you cannot attend without financial assistance, please email Sholeh Munion summit@wearehearken.com. FYI: All scholarships have been distributed at this time, as we are quite close to the event!