Engagement Innovation Summit.

October 2019, NYC

Join audience engagement enthusiasts and innovators across community-focused industries to explore how a culture of listening, service and trust-building can make us better at what we do.



If you care about journalism’s mission of informing and serving the public, then you care about audience engagement and treating communities we cover as partners rather than consumers. It’s that simple.

At Hearken’s inaugural Engagement Innovation Summit, we will gather people driven by the charge of cultivating community and improving democracy through information sharing.

We’ll bring together engagement pros, senior leaders, students, innovators and entrepreneurs across industries to develop a shared vision for audience engagement and community-building best practices, how to track and measure success and how this work will contribute to your organization’s bottom line ($) and future sustainability.

You will leave with:

  • New connections with like-minded people

  • A collaborative vision forward for the future path of public-powered journalism as a sustainable business practice

  • A tool kit for bringing your learnings back to your everyday work

Hearken’s Engagement Innovation Summit will not have long keynotes, boring Powerpoints, or vendors. It will have collaborative sessions, interdisciplinary facilitators, and plenty of downtime for discussion, collective problem-solving and networking.



This will be a 1.5-day intensive innovation summit with interactive sessions throughout. Details TK.

Sponsorships are available. Contact Stephanie Snyder for more information.


Featured Speakers

More speakers to be announced soon.


Jennifer Brandel

Founder & CEO, Hearken


Ashley Alvarado

Director of Community Engagement, Southern California Public Radio